Laurel is a freelance artist and educator with 13 years’ experience working with young people in a variety of settings. She exhibits narrative paintings illustrating a ‘Feral State’ and produces art projects with young people in Stoke that develop their creativity, imagination and confidence.

‘Feral State’ is a concept grown from Laurel’s belief that “we need spaces where we can connect with our sense of self, place and community. Wild spaces provide stimulating environments filled with possibilities and memories that bring us closer to both nature and humanity”


Untitled design











Where do we go when there is little money to spare, no jobs to be done, no clear direction to follow?

Wasteland, scrubland, derelict abandoned spaces are where we find adventure, excitement, and discovery.

They provide space to breath, to have riotous fun, to experiment, investigate, make our mark and be proud.

Creativity and imagination are skills that empower us to see potential in the abandoned, opportunities in challenges and cut paths through the wilderness.

Follow us into wild spaces and find your story